Waxing - temporary removal of hair that lasts 4-6 weeks. Using Rosin-free Hypoallerganic traditional strip wax, great for larger areas.

Non-strip waxing - using a Rosin-free Hypoallergenic formula which is designed for sensitive areas. It has unique shrink wrapping properties which encapsulate the hair, so no sticky residue.

Pregnancy Wax on consultation.

Waxing Prices
½ leg 30mins    £18.00
¾ leg 45mins £23.00
Full leg 1hr £29.00
½ arm 15mins £15.00
Full arm 30mins £18.00
Standard Bikini H/W 15mins £15.00
Extended Bikini H/W 15mins £18.00
Brazilian H/W 30mins £30.00
Hollywood H/W 30mins £35.00
Underarm H/W 15mins £10.00
Lip or Chin H/W 15mins £8.00
Eyebrow H/W 15mins £10.00
Waxing Packages
Lip + Chin 15mins £15.00
Lip + Eyebrow Shape 30mins £16.00
½ leg + Bik 45mins £29.00
½ leg + U/A 45mins £25.00
½ leg, Bik + U/A 1hr £38.00
Full leg + Bik 1hr £38.00
Full leg + U/A 1hr £35.00
Full leg, Bik + U/A 1hr £49.00
½ leg + Brazilian 1hr £43.00
½ leg + Hollywood 1hr £48.00
¾ leg + Brazilian 1hr £48.00
¾ leg + Hollywood 1hr £50.00
Full leg + Brazlian 75mins £58.00
Full leg + Hollywood 75mins £60.00


About the salon

I am a home based Beauty Salon working from our fully air conditioned garage, It has its own front door. You will need to access the toilet via an internal door to the house.

I live in a quiet cul de sac in Little Sandhurst. You can park on the street in front of the house or driveway if free. (please be mindful of the neighbours whilst parking)

You can also walk from sandhurst train station up the hill in about 5 minutes.

I offer a wide range of treatments from waxing Strip and Non strip (male and Female), Ellipse hair reduction and Skin rejuvenation, massage and CACI non-surgical facials.
Salon Policies

Get in Touch

Telephone: 07727260965 - 01344 774095
Email: theresa@naturalubeauty.com
Website: naturalubeauty.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Naturalubeauty

Harts Leap Close, Little Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 8PB

Opening Hours

Mon: 9.30-7.30

Tue: 9.30 - 7:30pm

Wed: 9.30 - 7.30pm

Thu: 9.30 - 7.30pm

Fri:   9:30 - 7:00pm

Sat:  8:00 - 2:00pm

Sun/Mon: Closed